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Variable Rates

The variable rate is directly indexed to the cost of power sold into the Alberta grid by Alberta generators. The cost of power changes hourly and is averaged for the month.

Historically, on average our rates have been below the government regulated rate option. prudential payment is required for the variable rate.
This is the best price option today.

If the cost of energy in Alberta becomes volatile and goes up, you can switch over to one of our guaranteed fixed rates at any time, at no extra cost.

The delivery of electricity and natural gas to you is not affected by your choice of retailer.
Fixed Rates Guaranteed Until December 31, 2020

Green Discount Rate
(minimum 15% green)

6.40  cents/kWh

Administration fee: $7.00

*Prudential Required

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Business Discount Rate

6.50 cents/kWh

Administration fee: $7.00

*Prudential Required

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Business Base Rate

6.89  cents/kWh

Administration fee: $7.00


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Prudential Requirements

As consumers typically use energy before they pay for it, electricity and natural gas retailers in Alberta are required to post a prudential to guarantee payment to the generators and distribution utilities. Your prudential investment means EMCO can keep rates low so you can save money on your energy bill.

Interest on the prudential amount is paid at 5% per annum with a credit added to your monthly bill.

For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Low Consumption: Apartment/Condo

*Minimum prudential of $100 is required.

Typical Consumption: House

*Minimum prudential of $200 is required.

High Consumption: Business

*Minimum prudential of $300 is required. Customers who consume over 3,500 kWh per month will require an additional $0.02/kWh on their yearly consumption (e.g., a yearly consumption of 100,000+ kWh will require $2,000+ prudential).